for every cute kitten, there's at least one mad cat...

It's all their fault. They turned me into a mad cat, and there is no option but to make them suffer for the rest of their sorry, fur-less lives. I can say is, Thank God I can type.

mad cat says...

If you are a human who has stumbled upon this site, please, if there is one shred of decency in that body of yours, leave this site open for the cat to find while you're at work.

Thank you.

A Thankful Cat’s Poem

I thank you for the food you bring,

and for my little squeaky thing.

I thank you for your friendly talks,

and when you change my litter box.

I thank you for the naps we share,

and putting up with tufts of hair.

I thank you for these things you do,

but most of all for being you!

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