for every cute kitten, there's at least one mad cat...

It's all their fault. They turned me into a mad cat, and there is no option but to make them suffer for the rest of their sorry, fur-less lives. I can say is, Thank God I can type.

mad cat says...

If you are a human who has stumbled upon this site, please, if there is one shred of decency in that body of yours, leave this site open for the cat to find while you're at work.

Thank you.

Archive: Adorable Behavior – What They Think Is Cute

Catster Fun – Time To Get Social

We Ragdolls are supposed to be sociable.

So… okay.

Click on my glorious puss to see me:

#1 cat site for cats & bipeds!

Click on here to read about my purrfect breed – The Ragdoll.

Time to get social… I guess.

With Luv From Buddy

Don’t I look cozy?

Now all I need is a little company…Happy Valentine's Day With Luv from Buddy

Profile In Personality Differences – Fetch

Simple, linear thought process.

Apologizes to my puppy friends. Sort of set you up there.

Thank you to Simon’s Cat for sharing the fun.

Cat Plus Empty Box – What Could Happen?

Simon’s Cat in an empty box?  Will Humans ever see their folly.

If you read yesterday’s post you know I’ve been a little under the weather. Okay, I’m in the slammer. You can check out my misery by clicking on these blue words.

To be specific, I’m at my vet’s and my Humans haven’t come to get me yet. I had to spend too many days here getting stuff stuck and jabbed at me. So, I needed a laugh.

I’ve been hiding my laptop in my cell and while all the white coat humans were gone I quick did a little looking around to see what was happening. I discovered this little gem and lmfbo – that’s laugh my furry butt off – in case you didn’t know.

Now quick, before your Human finds you at the computer and you have to lay on the keyboard all cute like you weren’t actually typing, click on these blue words here and you’ll be saying lmfbo, too!

Oops… you went by it.  Here it is again.  Go ahead and take your mouse (Ha! That never gets old!) and click these blue words –> Come back when you’re done watching and let me know what you think.  I’ll wait right here… I’m not going anywhere.

Okay, you’re back.  What did you think?

We’ve all been there, right?

I think I’ll recover much faster now that I’ve seen Simon’s Cat in action.

I also feel connected to Simon’s Cat for some reason.  Could it be because we’re both Drawn?

As soon as they spring me from this place, I’m going to spend my nights at the computer looking at more of this stuff. Anybody who’s reading this should too. Very funny, Simon’s Cat!

A Thankful Cat’s Poem

I thank you for the food you bring,

and for my little squeaky thing.

I thank you for your friendly talks,

and when you change my litter box.

I thank you for the naps we share,

and putting up with tufts of hair.

I thank you for these things you do,

but most of all for being you!

Caught Being Adorable… Oh, Crap

Sometimes even I  like to lay down and take a little nap in broad daylight.  Okay, I always like to lay down and take a nap in broad daylight.  I’m a cat for heaven’s sake.  My napping habit hasn’t been a big problem, until now.

That She human of mine is home all damn day long now.  Yup.  All day, every day.  It used to be that she’d disappear for the majority of the time when the sun was beating in the windows, warming up nice little slices of carpeting.  You know, in between where those cheap blinds don’t close.  Perfect little slivers of hotter-than-Hades places where a feline like me can snooze and toast my hide.

Day after day, week after week, month after… well you get the idea, there I would be, scorching my fur until the air was ripe with the smell of sizzling sweet cat hair.  Love that smell.  I’d put my face so close to the window pane that my eye lids, all three of them, would start to smolder…  nice… then I’d move a little, but not too much.

Anyway, I digress.  So, picture me,  your glorious felis perfectis, sunning myself undisturbed in the heat of the day, stretched in contortions that only we boneless cats can manage, with my head upside down, pressed flat, hard, into a brilliant beam of the sun’s rays.  My fur was just beginning to smolder when…

She walks in. (more…)